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Composition, Sound Design, Audio Production


Luke creates bespoke audio for a range of media including: Film & TV, Video Games and production library music. Whether it be an original soundtrack, sound effect design or creation of royalty free music, Luke utilises a variety of styles and techniques to create the perfect sound for each project. 

All audio is mixed and mastered to suit each application and delivered to clients with assured quality for easy implementation. 



A demo reel of music from previous projects
Previous Work
  • Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs

  • Nova - Combat Theme

    Epic orchestral + electronic
  • The Wanderer - Forest Theme

    Fantasy Orchestral
  • Twisted Guardian - Dungeon Theme

    Dark Fantasy Orchestral
  • Land of Fire - Sound Effects Reel

    Sound effect design
  • Land of Fire - Alpha Teaser Trailer

    Traditional Japanese influence
  • Robotto Western - Main Theme

    Melancholic Spaghetti Western